About NFED

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National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED)

NFED is a unique organization which is predominantly into promulgating entrepreneurship cult across the nation. NFED is driving and thriving on socialistic notion with righteous academicians, corporate citizens, and entrepreneurs in its fold, which is established as virtual organization, since 2003 and registered as a Trust on 7th November 2013 towards accomplishing its mission ‘In Pursuance to Create Socio-economic Sustenance through Entrepreneurship Development’. It is headquartered at Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu and pertinent information regarding activities is floated in its official websites. NFED primarily aims in creating enterprising communities at large in Schools, Colleges and Varsities through its training and development activities, faculty development programmes on research and entrepreneurship development, awareness, workshops, refereed conferences, seminars, etc. pertaining to Management Development, Research Emancipation, Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development. It frequently engages in research and development activities by conducting national & international conferences, publishing research articles, book chapters and edited books on holistic research, which congregates the disciplines like, engineering, technology, sciences, management, arts, and humanities alongside women development. It also recognizes the real talents of teachers, academicians, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs (including social entrepreneurs), practitioners, freelancers, etc. throughout the globe through its National Awards since 2010. NFED encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of youths and facilitates them with opportunity guidance. Also, serves under a glocal perspective to bring in prosperity by and large to foster entrepreneurial progression across the nation amongst all communities in general and women in particular. It has associated and collaborated with various academia ranging from schools, colleges, varsities, etc. and national & international organizations. It has instituted numerous programmes hitherto towards promulgating entrepreneurship development, career development, skill development, research & development, women empowerment, etc.