Conference Sub-Themes

I. Science, Engineering & Technology (SET) – (Track 1)
Physics & Applied Science
Magnetism & Superconductivity
Plasmas & Electrical Discharges
Electronic Structure & Transport
Electron Beam Technology & Laser Applications
Computer Simulation in Physics
Optics & Applications
Electronics Science
Bioelectronics & Solid-State Electronics
Nanolaser Physics
Nano-opto Electronics & Materials Science
Optical Fibres
Theoretical, Mathematical & High Energy Physics
Physical & Technical Foundations of Alternative Energy Sources
Biophysics & Instrumentation
Applied Biophysics
Condensed Matter Physics
Magnonics & Metamaterials
Dielectrics & Ferroelectricity
Gravitation & Astrophysics
Black Holes
Einstein-Rosen Bridge (Wormholes)
Virtual Particles
Dark Matter & Dark Energy
Neutron Stars
General & Special Theory of Relativity
Atomic Model
Time Travel & Multiverse Theory
String Theory & Dimensions of Universe
Subatomic Particles
Gravitation Theory
Entropy, Heat & Death of the Universe
Experiments in Zero-Gravity
Modern Physics
Quantum Physics & Quantum Mechanics
Elementary Particles & Fields
Nuclear & Hadronic Physics
Optical Physics, Fluid & Plasma Physics
Statistical & Nonlinear Physics
Nonlinear Thermodynamics
Molecular Thermodynamics
Condensed Matter Physics
High-Energy Physics
Nanotechnology & Thin Films

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Nanocomposite & Nanoparticles
Biopolymers Nanocomposites
Organic Synthesis
Supramolecular Chemistry
Environmental Toxicology
Clinical Toxicology
Biomarkers of Toxicity
Atmospheric Photochemistry
Environmental Photochemistry
Photochemistry of Biomolecules
Supramolecular Photochemistry
Synthetic Photochemistry
Theoretical Photochemistry
Effects of Food Contaminants - Including Toxicology & Metabolism
Molecular Properties & Physiological Effects of Food Components
Chemical Ecology
Nanochemistry & Nanotechnology
Genetics, Genetically Modified Species
Period Classification of Elements, Trends of the Periodic Table
Bioorganic/medicinal chemistry
Chemical Biology
Coordination Chemistry
Crystal Engineering
Sustainable Chemistry
Green Chemistry
Marine Chemicals Research
Solid-State Materials
Bioinorganic & Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry
Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Nanocrystalline Materials & Nanoclusters
Molecular Nanoscience
Nanochips, Nanosensors, Nanofluidics & Nanofabrication
Carbon-based Nanoscale Materials & Devices
Biomimetic Materials
Nanobiotechnology / Bionanomaterials

Pure & Applied Mathematics

Computational Mathematics
Graph Theory
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy theory
Differential Equations
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Methods
Discrete Mathematical Structure
Mathematical Modelling


Genesis of Statistics & General Utility
Statistical Methods & Applications
Statistics in Research
Business Statistics
Environmental Statistics
Census Techniques
Statistical Tools & Advance Techniques
Applied Statistics
Statistical Studies & Applied Research

Agriculture, Biology, Microbiology & Biotechnology

Agriculture, Soil & Forest Microbiology
Soil Technology & Testing Techniques
Farming Techniques, Methods & Process
Agriculture & Processed Foods
Agro-Industries & Growth Prospects
Organic Farming: Methods & Types
Animal Husbandry
Animal Science
Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology
Plant Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology
Analytical Imaging Techniques & Microscopy
Environmental, Marine, Aquatic Microbiology & Geomicrobiology
Food Microbiology
Industrial Microbiology: Future Bioindustries
Medical Microbiology & Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Methods - Quantitative Models & Bioinformatics in Microbiology
Microbial Physiology, Metabolism & Gene Expression
Microbiology Education
Biosurfactants: Purification, Mass Production & Applications
Micro-factories — Microbial Production of Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Bioremediation of Plastics
Role of Medicinal Plants in Human Health
Nutrition & Food Security
Management of Communicable Diseases
Taxonomy & Tissue Culture
Biodiversity & Genetic Engineering
Disease Diagnostic Techniques & Advancements in Immunology

Medical Sciences & Paramedical Sciences

Health Promotion & Sustenance
Gene Therapy in Healthcare
Drug Designing
Gynaecology & Obstetrics
Nutrition & Dietetics
Nursing & Paediatrics
Optometry & Applications
Forensics & Pathology
Innovative Research in Medicine
Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Medicine
Bioethics & Medical Ethics
Health Informatics & Environmental Health
Role of Technologies in Lab Investigation
Advancements in Anaesthesia Technology
Technological Advancement in Dialysis
Innovative Practice in Imaging Science
Clinical & Experimental Research in CNIT
Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Mechanical Engineering

Welding Technology
Composite Materials
Smart Materials
Failure Analysis of Materials
Green Building & Green Energy
Robotics for Future
Metallurgical Analysis of Casting & Welding Products
Rotor Dynamics
Generators & Aero Generators
Thermodynamics & Thermal Energy
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Machine Design
Energy Studies
Materials Management
Production Engineering
Cryogenics & Propulsion
Heat & Mass Transfer

Civil & Structural Engineering

Sustainable Construction Materials
Structural & Construction Engineering
Construction Management
Strength of Materials
Concrete Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Geo-Environmental Engineering
Construction & Safety Management
Hydraulics, Hydrology & Water Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Sanitation & Environmental Engineering
Climate Change & Disaster Management
Performance-Based Design

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Intelligent Control of Power Quality
Intelligent Power System Operation & Control
Power Quality & Control Strategies
Renewable Energy System & Technologies
Power System & Automation
Power Generators
Smart/Intelligent Energy Systems
Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Control Techniques & Battery Management
Power Market & Demand Management
Smart Grid/ Micro Grid Control
Electric Drives & Control
Power Electronics Converters

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Radar Technology
Wireless Sensors
Adhoc Networks
Antenna & Amp; Propagation
Artificial Intelligence
Bioelectronics & Amp; Biosensors
Data Acquisition & Control Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Discrete Electronics Circuits
DSP Algorithms & Amp; Architectures
Embedded Systems
Human Computer Interaction
RF & Microwave Communication
Green Communication
Image Processing
Mobile Communication
Multimedia Processing
Network Security
Optimization Techniques
Optical Communication
VLSI Algorithms

Information Science, Computer Applications, Computer Science & Engineering & Information Technology

Data Warehousing
Internet of Things (IoT)
Big Data Analytics
Cloud Computing
Semantic Web
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Data Base & Data Mining
DSP/Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/ Multimedia
Algorithms & Bioinformatics
Quantum Computing
Intelligent Information & Database Systems
Modelling & Simulation
Multimedia System & Services
IT Policy & Business Management
Grid & Scalable Computing
E-Learning, E-Business, Enterprise Information System, E-Governance
Natural Language Processing
Information Technology Management
Computer Education & Technology
Networking & Communications
Soft Computing (AI, Neural Networks, Fuzzy System, etc.)
Security & Information Assurance
Security & Privacy in Social Networks
Web & Internet Computing
Parallel & Distributed Systems
Recent Trends in Information Technology
Game & Software Engineering
Computer Architecture & Real Time Systems
Mobile-Embedded & Multimedia Solutions
E-Society, Enterprise & Business Solutions
Databases & Datawarehouse
Artificial Intelligence & Data-mining
Optical Storage Technology
3D Optical Storage Technology
Big Data to Avoid Weather Related Flight Delays
Electronic Paper Display
RFID Based Library Management System
i-Twin Limitless Pen Drive Technology
Scram Jet Engine for Hypersonic Flight
Clinical Management & Information System
IoT Based Intelligent Bin for Smart Cities
Patient Monitoring System with SMS
IP Based Patient Monitoring System & GSM Based Patient Monitoring System
Wireless / Remote Patient Monitoring System
Network Security & Cryptography
Ambient Backscatter
Buck Boost Converter
Neural Information Processing Systems
Computer Machine Interface
Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing
Computational Linguistics – Human Language Technologies
Robotics: Science & Systems
File & Storage Technologies
Embedded Networked Sensor Systems
Genetic & Evolutionary Computation
Integer Programming & Combinatorial Optimization
Knowledge Based Neural Networks
Knowledge Discovery in Social Networks
Cross Media Data Analytics
Data & Knowledge Visualization
Biomedical Knowledge Discovery, Analysis of Micro-Array & Gene Data
Human Machine Interaction for Knowledge Discovery & Management
High Dimension Data, Feature Selection & Feature Transformation
Deep learning
Predictive Analysis
Bioinformatics & Biomedical Informatics
Computational Neuroscience
Information Retrieval Techniques
Natural Language Processing
Health Care Applications
Web Search
Collaborative Filtering

Mechatronics, Artificial Intelligence and Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

Artificial Intelligence
Industrial Automation
Home Automation
Machine Learning
Robotics & Neural Networks
Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Fuzzy Logic
Design of Controllers
Embedded Systems
VLSI Design
Internet of Things (IoT)

II. Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) – (Track 2)

Management & Commerce

Organizational Behaviour
Human Resource Management & Development
Operations Research Applications
Customer Relationship Management
Quality Analysis & Management Techniques
Management Information Systems & Perspectives
Healthcare Management
Technology Disruption & Consequences
Change Management
Corporate Governance
Commercial Practices
E-Commerce Methods & E-Business Models
M-Commerce & Applications
Financial Institutions & Management Policies
International Affairs & Financial Crises
Emerging Markets & Corporate Failure
Corporate Social Responsibility & Practices
Business Analytics
Business Ethics
International Business Laws
Work, Culture & Organizations
Managing Diversity in Business
Strategic Management
Corporate & Competitive Strategies
Intellectual Property Rights
Technology & Operational Management
Leadership Performance & Management Development
Project Management
Strategic Management
Media Management
Management Skill Processes
Human Information Processing
Decision Making
Employment Laws & Welfare Schemes
Employment Relations
Contemporary Workforce
Management Science
Management in a Global Context
Disaster Management
Conflict Resolution


Marketing Management & Strategies
Marketing Channels & Strategic Sales Force Management
Marketing Perspectives
Branding & Brand Equality
Brand Management
Sustainable Marketing
Supply Chain Marketing: Risk & Adaptation
Advertising, Sales Promotion & Public Relations
Rural Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Direct Ad & Event Marketing
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Services Marketing
International Marketing Management
Strategic Business Sustainability
Integrated Marketing Communications
Consumer Behaviour
Export Marketing Strategy & Performance
Green Marketing & Advertising
Logistics Management
Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Game Theory

Finance & Accounting

International Finance
Human Resource Accounting
Cost & Chartered Accounting Trends
Financial Management & Analysis
Investment Policies & Trends
Tax Policies
Corporate Finance
International Trade & Investment
Venture Capital
Angel Investors & Share Broking
International Banking
Behavioural Finance
Insurance & Risk Management Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions
Financial Instruments & Global Practices
Investment Banking
Foreign Direct Investments

Economics & Econometrics

Developmental Economics
Micro & Macro Economic
Knowledge Economics
Islamic Economics/Finance
Small & Medium Enterprises
Labour Economics, Law, Growth & Development
Econometrics & Applications
Global Economic Policies
Information Privacy & Organizational Growth
Industrial Revolution & Economic Development
International Economics & Trade
International Business Ethics
Business Economics
Economics of Innovation
Education Economics
Environmental Economics
Emerging Economies
Financial Economics
Gender Economics
Health Economics
Political Economy
Public Economy
Regional Development Studies
Tourism Economics

Entrepreneurship Development & Innovation

Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Personality Attribution
Entrepreneurial Challenges & Perspectives
Contemporary Business & Global Transformation
Enterprise & Environment
Enterprise Human Resource Management (EHRM) Practices
Business Models & Applications
Technology Innovation & Technopreneurship
Start-up Innovation
Digital Entrepreneurship & Strategies
E-Business & E-Commerce Advantages
Entrepreneurship Models & Business Development
Social Entrepreneurship
Family Business & Prospects
E-Entrepreneurship Applications & Techniques
Technology Management & Innovation
Business Challenges & Entrepreneurial Strategies
New Businesses & Company Law
Business Transformation & Global Challenges
Entrepreneurial Skills & Start-up Sustenance
Small Business Development Strategies
Franchising Strategies
Gender Issues in Entrepreneurship
Women Entrepreneurship Development & Problems
Psychological Aspects of Women Entrepreneurs
Gender Sensitization for Women Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Development Training Methodologies
Role Conflict & Entry Barriers
Gender Conflict in Embracing Female Entrepreneurial Talents
Women Self-Help Groups & Micro Finance
Micro Finance Institutions
Business Transformation
Self-Employment Issues & Problems

III. Arts & Humanities (AHU) – (Track 3)

History, Archaeology & Anthropology

Religious Traditions: A Way of Life
Popular Culture: Survival & Continuity
Science & Technology: A Dialogue between Ancient and Modern Sciences
Women: Contribution, Issues & Challenges
Ethnographic Studies
Evolutionary & Etymological Studies
Conflict, Harmony & Peace
Sacred Spaces
Cultural Studies
Culture, Heritage & Arts
Temple Culture
Historical Architectures & Archaeological Studies
Empires, Kings & Dynasties
Ecology & Evolution Studies
Migration & Anthropological Studies
Eco-Tourism & Development Studies
Religion & Race
Ethnicity, Identity & Treaties
Religious Identities & Encounters
Minority & Identity
Art History: Purpose & Pedagogy
Fold & Traditional Works
Culture & Civilization
International Studies
Anthropological Studies
Social Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
International Studies & Socio-Cultural Transformation

Coastal Geography
Physical Geography
Landscape Ecology
Hydrology & Hydrography
Economic Geography
Resources & Environment
Population Geography
Human Geography
Environmental Management

Law & Legal Studies

Victim Rights & Fair Trial
Forensic Science
Criminal Justice
Police Studies
Victim Assistance
Security Management
Crime & Law
Forensic Science under Criminal Investigation
Women Rights & Related Laws
Intellectual Property Rights
Public Law & Lawsuits
Public Interest Litigation & Legal Arbitration
Global Regulations & Legal Aspects
Contemporary Issues in Human Rights
Laws for Governing Social Responsibilities of Business
Role of Law in Sustainable Development & Environmental Protection
Child Rights & Law
Laws Relating to Violence against Women
Status of Women in India - Historical & Legal Perspective
Indian Legal Scenario on the Issues of Surrogacy
Socio-Economic Offences & Impact
Juvenile & Criminal Justice
Sports Law in India - Present Scenario

Linguistics & Literature Studies

Contemporary Literature
Post Modernism & Critics
Vocational English
Feministic Studies
Modern & Post-Modern Thoughts
Communication & IT Skills
Etymology & Evolution
Translation Trends
Language Shift
Culture Studies
Philology & Language Studies
Feminism & Criticism
Deconstruction & Evolution

Women’s Studies
Cultural Perspectives of Women
Culture Studies & Gender Overview
Feminism & Post Feminism
Societal Perspectives & Women Empowerment
Social Media Perspectives
Role & Impact of Social Media
Social Systems & Gender Perspectives
Gender Studies & Discrimination
Gender Issues & Reproductive Health
Domestic Violence & Sexual Harassment
Gender Inequality & Legal Accessibility
Contemporary Literature on Gender Aspects
Gender Transformation & Post Modernism Critics
Gender: Modern & Post-Modern Thoughts
Societal Violence Against Women
Etymology & Gender Evolution
Systems & Practices in Ancient India
Cultural Perspectives of Women
Societal Perspectives & Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Development
Ethnographic Studies & Women
Home Science & Nutrition
Gender Dimensions & Obstacles
Gender Studies & Discrimination
Socio-Cultural Studies for Women Prosperity
Female Problems & Bio-Psychological Issues
Psychological Theories on Gender Issues
Life Skills & Women Development Paradigms
Coping Styles & Women Prosperity
Personality Attribution & Female Psychology
Women Perception & Mental Orientation
Impact of Social Media on Women
Gender Issues & Reproductive Health
Domestic Violence & Sexual Harassment
Gender Inequality & Legal Accessibility
Socio-Cultural Studies for Women Prosperity
Life Skills & Women Development Paradigms
Coping Styles & Women Prosperity


Innovations in Education
Digitalization in Education
ICT in Education
Inclusive Education
Value Education & Systemic Practices
Educational Administration, Planning and Management
Curriculum Planning and Evaluation
Soft Skills & Value Education
Educational Psychology
Educational Technology
Women's Education & Empowerment
Pedagogical Sciences & Modern Practices
Guidance and Counselling
Flipped Classroom
DQ – Digital Quotient
Importance of Creativity Education
School Safety & Compliance
Child Safety & Environmental Learning
Game Based Learning
Genius Hour
Personalized Learning

Sociology & Social Work
Society, Religion & Beliefs
Sociological Theories & Transformation Studies
Society & Culture Development
Western & Indian Perspectives
Rural & Urban Sociology
Contemporary Researches in Sociology
Sociological & Social Work Researches in Contemporary Society
Issues & Challenges in Sociological & Social Work Researches
Community Development & Societal Transformation
Sociology & Social Work Social Work Research Trends
Non-Governmental Organizations
Clinical & Medical Psychiatry
Rural Development & Community Health
Reproductive Health & Nutrition
Community Health Genius Hour
Self-Help Groups & PRA Techniques


Gender Psychology
Counselling Factors & Methods
Social Psychology
Community Psychology
Applied Psychology
Managerial Psychology
Socio-Cultural Studies
Clinical Psychology
Psychological Theories & Applications
Psychosocial Aspects & Factors
Life Skills & Development Paradigms
Coping Styles & Methods
Social Learning Theories
Personality Attribution
Perception Analysis
Female Problems & Bio-Psychological Issues
Psychological Theories & Gender Issues
Female Psychology
Women Perception & Mental Orientation

Political Science & Public Administration

Regional Studies
Polity & People
Public Sector Enterprises
Diversity & Globalization
Challenging Democracy - Rise & Critics
Global Governance
Conflict, Security & Cooperation
Political Communities & Regional Imbalances
Civic Society & Communal Harmony
Religion & Polity: Public Administration & Growth Perspectives
Governmental Disorders & Socio-Structural Deformities
Local Self Government - Future Challenges
Regional Barriers & Social Transformation
Migration & Societal Conflict
Organizational Polity & Cultural Influences
Society & Harmony
Civic Society & Supportive Measures
Public Administration: Safety & Security Aspects
Global Society & Progressive Avenues
People Management & Public Governance
Public Schemes & Governmental Policies
Legal Issues in Public Administration
Role of Elections & Impact on Politics
Bilateral Issues & Political Policies
Historical Genesis & Perspectives in Public Administration
Genesis of People Governance & Current Trends
Communal Violence & Polity
Public Diversity & Growth Challenges
Public Regulation & Regional Barriers
Conservative Society & Administrative Issues

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