Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. In which discipline / theme / sub-theme can I submit        the research paper abstract? 

For more details regarding submission of research paper abstract you are suggested to refer the themes and sub-themes by clicking on ‘Genre/Discipline Menu’ in the conference home page.                                                               

  1. Is there a possibility to publish the full research paper in Journal or Edited Book? 

The author’s (individual research paper) / co-author’s (joint research paper) full research paper of this international conference will not be published in any Journal (s). 

There is a possibility to publish the full research paper of author / co-author(s) in the form of an edited book as book chapters. The Author and / or Co-Author(s) interested in full research paper publication as book chapters may submit the non-plagiarized research paper for publishing in the edited book titled Holistic Research Perspectives Vol. 6. The Edited Book with ISBN & DOI will be published in March 2021, wherein charges are applicable. Full chapters for Edited Book publication shall be sent to 

  1. What is the word limit for the research paper abstract?

 The research paper abstract should not exceed more than 350 words. 

  1. How many authors can be included in the research paper? 

The research paper abstract should contain only a maximum of three authors (one author & two co-authors). 

  1. In what format should the research paper abstract be prepared? 

The research paper abstract should be prepared in accordance with research methodology (introduction, literature review, need & relevance / significance, objectives, method of study, findings, discussions, suggestions and conclusions) – Kindly Refer ‘Submission Guidelines’ given under ‘Registration & Guidelines Menu’ in the home page. 

  1. When is the last date for paper abstract submission? 

The last date for abstract submission is 19th December 2020. 

  1. When is the last date for revised paper abstract submission? 

The last date for revised paper abstract submission is 30th December 2020. 

  1. How do I submit the research paper abstract? 

The author has to submit their research paper abstract as soft copy in MS-Word as per submission guidelines via online registration form (duly filled) and accepting the copyright declaration by clicking accept (only applicable to those who are intending to publish their paper in the conference proceedings (Hard Copy Proceedings and / or E-Proceedings)) and completing the payment of conference registration charges to submit the form by clicking on Submit’. 

  1. If I decide to attend the conference only for one day, will I get a fee concession in conference registration charges? 

The entire conference is self-supporting and registration charges / fee are kept at discounted rates. Hence, no fee concession will be given and / or entertained to any registrant in this global web conference. 

  1. When will I be notified about my research paper abstract acceptance? 

The notification of paper abstract acceptance will be given by Conference Chair / Conference Convener after completion of the review process by the editorial board / chief editor. 

  1. Do I need to send the power point presentation slides? 

No. It should be prepared by the author (including co-authors (if any)) and kept ready on the day of your paper presentation. 

  1. Is there a paper abstract reference/code given / or allotted for research paper presentation in the international conference? 

Yes. The research paper abstract submitted by any author and / or lead author (in case of joint / co-author)) will be allotted with a paper code. The author / lead author has to cite the paper code for all further communications with Conference Chair / Conference Coordinator. 

  1. Do this international conference have parallel tracks / sessions for paper presentations? 

Yes. The conference has the provision to enable parallel presentations for time effectiveness and embracing the opportunity to all presenters to present their research papers in accordance with the tracks (Track 1: Engineering & Technology Innovation (ETEI), Track 2: Scientific Aspects & Global Applications (SAGA), Track 3: Management, Commerce, Arts & Humanities (MCAH) and Track 4: Entrepreneurship Development & Skill Acquisition (EDSA). The Zoom Conference Room and / or Google Meeting Room / or Both will be enabled for paper presentations. However, parallel tracks / sessions shall be decided by the conference key office bearers in accordance with total number of papers received in the aforesaid tracks. 

  1. When do I get the time slot and date for my presentation? 

The international web conference itinerary containing the time and paper track will be sent to you on or before 26th January 2021, wherein the Zoom Conference Room Meeting ID & Password / web link and / or Google Meeting Room web link / any other Online Meeting Room web link for each day of conference (Day 1 and Day 2 of Conference) shall be sent to all the participants and paper presenters / authors (including all co-author(s)) only before 45 minutes on 29th January 2021 and 30th January 2021 respectively for effective participation and / or paper presentation. 

  1. Will I get my participation / participation cum presentation e-certificate if I attend only Day 1 of conference? 

Yes. The participation / participation cum paper presentation e-certificate will be issued only on 3rd February 2021. 

  1. What is the registration procedure if the author / co-author of a joint research paper do not attend the international web conference?

Registration procedure is the same for author / co-author registering and not attending the International Web Conference and there are no provisions of relaxation / discounts on registration fee / charges. The in-absentia of author / co-author on professional / personal exigencies shall not be considered for reimbursement of conference registration charges.

  1. How much time is allotted for paper presentation in the conference? 

A maximum of 10 minutes shall be provided including Questions and Answers. You may check the General Guidelines under ‘Registration & Guidelines Menu’ in the home page. 

  1. Can all authors of the joint research paper present in the conference? 

Only one author is allowed to make presentation in case of joint research / co-authored papers.

  1. Do the conference registration charges include proceeding charges? 

No. The basic registration charges are meant only for participation and / or paper presentation in the International Web Conference. In case, author / co-author decides to opt for conference proceedings (Hard Copy Proceedings or E-Proceedings or Both), wherein he / she has to indicate and make the payment of additional charges as mentioned in the online registration form. 

  1. Do I need to submit a separate declaration for my research paper abstract submission? 


  1. Do I need to submit a separate copyright form for my research paper abstract publication? 

No. You have to click on accept in the copyright declaration mentioned in the registration form. 

  1. Do I need to get a ‘No Objection’ for submitting the same paper abstract elsewhere for publication? 

Yes. You have to send an email to for ‘No Objection’ and receive the approval from Conference Chair / Conference Coordinator. 

  1. In case I could not present myself to the conference to present my paper due to exigencies can I get conference certificate? 

Yes. It may be considered on exceptional and / or genuine cases, wherein you have to write a mail requisition to the Conference Chair / Conference Coordinator citing the genuine personal and / or professional exigencies.

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