International Conference on Contemporary Researches in Engineering, Science, Management and Arts (ICCRESMA - 28-29th, February 2020)

    Powered By: National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED)

Conference Blurb

The advent of globalization has necessitated the advancements in technology and its utility in all spheres of life. Also, it compels to overcome obsoletion with frequent innovation in terms of ergonomic aspects for societal wellness. This is in turn, forcefully triggered the new vistas in the research so as to address the emerging trends in all the industry and service sectors with time. The contribution of researches in the past has witnessed intermittent growth and development. However, it could not wholly gauge the systematic sequences in terms of development throughout to meet the overall requirements of mankind in terms of achieving stability. The reason could be the integration of researches and its societal integrity in upbringing the wellbeing of humans in totality. This may be due to the achievements in accordance with unidisciplinary focus, wherein the other disciplinary contributions are not completely attended. The current scenario is ever-changing and demands growth with balancing every aspect of livelihood and promulgation for effectiveness. This leads to the congregation of research across inter-disciplines and multi-disciplines in terms of socio-economic development. Keeping these paradigms in view, the international conference intends to radically drive on the contemporary researches in the fields like engineering &technology), basic sciences, medical sciences, paramedical sciences, social sciences, management and arts (including humanities) to facilitate the overall sustenance and phenomenal development in terms of focus so as to meet the upcoming future challenges. Hence, the conference has been officially coined by the Conference Chair as ‘International Conference on Contemporary Researches in Engineering, Science, Management and Arts (ICCRESMA)’. The aforementioned international conference has been powered by National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in association with Apollo MedSkills Limited (AMSL), Chennai and officially scheduled on 28-29 February 2020 to garner and gauge the inter-disciplinary and multli-disciplinary research contributions.


Full Paper Submission: 28.12.2019

Revised Paper Submission: 16.01.2020

PowerPoint Slides Submission: 18.01.2020


Apollo MedSkills limited

Center of Excellence

Vikram Studio Building

 #289, West Sivan Koil Street

Vadapalani, Chennai – 600 026

Tamil Nadu, India

Conference Objectives

  • To highlight the holistic research contributions in accordance with current trends and future challenges for societal upliftment and global development
  • To congregate the contemporary researches across various academic and industrial domains for upbringing socio-economic development
  • To act as a platform for global knowledge sharing and information dissemination channel for overall understanding of various research aspects towards sustenance and growth
  • To encourage and promulgate the research acumen of the students and research scholars from various academia



Past Conference

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TEEM 2015